3 Factors Contributing to the Honey Bee Population Decline

Before you can help save the bees, it’s important to decipher what threats directly impact the future of this species. The endangerment and extinction of bees would have severe and immediate impacts on our ecosystem, so identifying and working against these environmental threats is an urgent need. To learn more about three factors contributing to the honey bee population decline, continue reading the article below.


Unfortunately, modern farming and lawn products commonly include pesticides that can be harmful and toxic to nearby honey bees. Even when pesticides do not kill bees directly, these poisonous chemicals impact honey bees’ reproduction ability.

While pesticides can keep away pests that could ruin crops, these sprays are also one of the leading causes of honey bees’ population decline.

Urban Development

Without trees, plants, parks, and other wildlife, honey bees cannot survive. Although new urban sites and cities are far from new, recent studies show that urbanization contributes significantly to the decline of honey bee populations. The more cities, stores, and malls that take space away from natural plant life, the fewer resources bees have to pollinate and survive.

For honey bees to grow their population, more natural wildlife and resources must remain untouched by construction and development. Some cities have even started included rooftop beehives with greenery to help foster bee populations in urban locations.

Seasonal Changes

As the climate continues to change, these shifts in seasonality have directly impacted honey bees. In the past, honey bees sensed temperature changes and became more or less active during different seasons. However, with climate change creating unbalanced and unpredictable weather and seasonal patterns, honey bees are less able to function as they typically would. As a result, many honey bees die prematurely because of rapid shifts in temperature and climate.

As climate change continues to be an issue facing our ecosystem, it continues to have a significant impact on honey bees’ health and population.

These are just a handful of factors contributing to honey bee population decline. It’s a major issue facing our environment that requires immediate attention and action. To learn more about why we need to save the bees and how you can help prevent honey bee population decline, browse our website today.