Project Partners

SAVE the BEE supports research and education projects that are aiding commercial beekeepers, training new beekeepers, creating pollinator habitat, rethinking agricultural practices, and moving the needle on honey bee biology and pesticide reform.

Scientific Research on Honey Bee Health

The Honey Bee Lab at Oregon State University is studying the importance of micronutrients to honey bee health and the long-term effects of pesticide exposure on honey bee colonies.

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Creating Pollinator Habitat on Organic Farms

The Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides provides training and assistance with installation of hedgerows and pollinator meadows that provide pollen and nectar over three seasons of the year.

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Hedgrow of plants

Regenerative Bee Pasture

The Bee Girl Organization is studying the effects of building soil health to improve bee health, by utilizing regenerative grazing and increasing blooming pasture plant diversity.

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Bee Friendly Vineyards

This Bee Girl Organization pilot project is increasing bee habitat in and around two vineyards and educating wine enthusiasts about the importance of ecological agriculture, soil health, and bees.

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Beekeeping for Coffee Farmers

Food 4 Farmers works with coffee-farming families to develop beekeeping as a strategy that supplements their coffee income, enhances family food security, and promotes environmental resiliency.

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Pesticide Reform

Beyond Toxics leads state-wide coalitions focused on restricting use of persistently hazardous agricultural chemicals, and they work diligently to keep pesticides out of parks, school grounds, golf courses and other public spaces.

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Educating Master Beekeepers

The Oregon Master Beekeeper Program works to maintain the health of honey bee colonies throughout the region by providing hands-on training for Apprentice, Journey, and Master level beekeepers.

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Educating Home Gardeners on being Pollinator Stewards

The Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides is helping home gardeners create healthy habitat for bees and other beneficial insects and keep it pesticide-free.

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