3 Ways You Can Support Local Beekeeper Organizations

Being passionate about preserving the environment can often feel like an uphill battle. Sometimes, it seems like there are so many urgent environmental issues to focus on that it’s impossible to create real change.

However, when you focus your attention on a specific environmental cause, there are many ways to contribute to positive progress. This article will focus on how preserving the honeybee population will benefit the environment by exploring three ways you can support local beekeeper organizations. Keep reading to learn more.

Buy Their Local Honey

Any true honey connoisseur knows that no other type of honey compares to fresh, local honey. Not only does local honey come with the benefit of enjoying the best quality syrup, but buying local honey also supports your local beekeepers.

Since beekeepers have a limited source of income and several monthly expenses to keep up the quality of their supplies, buying their local honey will help fund their future beehives. Start by searching local beekeeping organizations in your area to determine what businesses to support with your sales.

Avoid Exterminators

Finding a beehive in your backyard or home is troubling, but before you call an exterminator, consider contacting your local beekeeper instead. Beekeepers have the same skills and ability to remove honeybees safely from your home without harsh chemicals.

So not only will calling a beekeeper keep your home and backyard be chemical-free, but it will also save an entire hive of bees.

Although it may seem like a slight difference, using a beekeeper rather than an exterminator to remove your home’s bee nests will make a massive difference in the environment. Speak with your local beekeeper today to learn more about their bee removal services.

Donate To Their Organizations

The most effective way you can support local beekeeper organizations is by donating to these causes. When you donate finances and supplies to local beekeepers, these donations funnel directly into the future fostering of beehives. The more funds beekeepers have to continue caring for honeybees, the more active and healthier their beehives will be.

Defending and preserving the declining population of honeybees does not mean that you have to become an expert in beekeeping. Instead, help local beekeepers and experts by supporting their businesses and donating to the fight to save the honeybees.

To learn more about how you can preserve the honeybee population, browse our SAVE the BEE website for more information on getting started!