Solutions to SAVE the BEE

Increasing awareness, funding research, educating beekeepers and farmers, pesticide reform

The Action

SAVE the BEE Initiative launched

GloryBee is a honey and natural ingredient company founded by beekeepers. In working toward our vision of a healthy world where bees and people thrive, GloryBee launched the SAVE the BEE Initiative in 2012 because we believe it is our responsibility to raise awareness of the plight of honey bees and hep find solutions to save our favorite pollinators.

GloryBee gives 1% of retail honey sales to SAVE the BEE and has invited other like-minded businesses to join the cause. GloryBee staff administer SAVE the BEE, meaning 100% of funds raised go to the cause.

What does SAVE the BEE do?

Increase awareness
Getting the word out on the critical role bees play in our food supply
Fund research
Exploring the causes of declining bee populations and finding solutions to save honey bees by enhancing colony health
Educate beekeepers
Assisting beekeepers at all levels in best management practices
Create habitat
Installing pollinator hedgerows and meadows on farms and in parks
Pesticide reform
Lobbying in support of legislation that restricts pesticide use
Educate farmers and gardeners
Providing resources on alternatives to pesticides and diversifying forage

Be part of the solution

The Impact

SAVE the BEE has contributed $850,500 to date in support of research and education in finding solutions to save honey bees.
  • $5 million in annual savings to Oregon’s commercial beekeepers after implementing management changes based on OSU research
  • SAVE the BEE supported preliminary study of nutritional composition of common pollens which led to OSU research team securing federal grant to create a national Bee Nutrition database
  • Smartphone app developed for farmers to access data on pesticides to avoid when bees are in the fields pollinating crops
  • Supported efforts in Oregon to pass statewide phase out of the pesticide Chlorpyrifos
  • 60 organic farms received training on creating pollinator habitat
  • Bee Friendly Vineyard flagship project planted 10 acres of wildflowers
  • Over 400 acres of combined pollinator forage created on farms, ranches, parks, and vineyards
  • 82 public education events
  • 26 Master Beekeeper scholarships
  • Sponsor of Bee City USA (Eugene, OR) and Bee Campus USA (University of Oregon)
Young beekeeper working a hive